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Wordpress Website Management

Certified Blog Assistant Services –

  • Installation, Improvement or redesign of an existing site
  • Management of your blog website including PlugIns – updates, backups etc
  • Installation of tools to help measure and monitor site performance
  • Analysis & measurement of website performance
  • Recommendations on improvements
  • Formatting content for best practice SEO & improve website rankings
  • Drive traffic safely to any website & establish engagement tactics
  • Keyword research
  • Outsourcing of content, repurposing content
  • Exposure of content on appropriate Social Media sites

Digital, Content and Email Marketing

1. Email Marketing

  • Creation of eNewsletters
  • Creation of Autoresponders
  • Email lists management – Embedded opt-in forms to grow your list fast!

2. Digital and Content Marketing

  • Social Media planning, scheduling, posting, and responses
  • Website content creation, optimisation, and repurposing
  • Communication plans
  • Creation of Surveys and collation of results

Systemization for Lean Businesses

Admin Support of Lean Process Improvement

  • Administrative Support of Process Improvement
  • Translation of process documents into flow charts / swim lanes
  • Updating process manuals
  • Implementation of the Lean method of process improvement

Other Services

Personal Assistant Services

  • Mailings, Mail merges
  • Event Planning
  • Travel Planning & Itinerary

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