Recently I had the pleasure of presenting this webinar “Time Saving Blogging Tools” to a group of Virtual Assistants’. Like many business owners who want to use blogging as part of a Content Marketing strategy, they had a lot of questions about how to do it well and get the most bang for their buck from blog writing.

This presentation includes:

  • a basic blog structure
  • keyword / keyphrase research
  • Headline generators
  • SEO checks to optimise blogging
  • Image libraries to avoid copyright issues
  • Getting the most from Content Marketing

We addressed these Content Marketing questions:

  • Using Content Marketing for Communicating with and Attracting Clients
  • Choosing the “right”, interesting and relevant content for your audience
  • Finding content for your audience
  • Knowing how to structure a blog
  • Time-poor! How do you fit in planning, writing and scheduling blogs
  • Rule of thumb for the size of a blog
  • Targeting for your specific services

If you’d like the 2 freebies that went along with this webinar – feel free to email me at

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