LEAN - Continuous Process Improvement

Everyday a little up!

“Do it right, do it better, do it differently”

LEAN is a deeply rooted philosophy of reflection and continuous improvement. Lean = Learn

“Lean thinking is a total business mindset focused on the elimination of anything in a process which does not add value to the output.

Value is defined by the customer.”

Key Concepts

  • Standardization – eg – grouping, colour coding, standard locations, physical workplace set up, naming convention
  • Quality at the source – preventing errors, build a culture where “stop” is as important as “go”
  • Visual management – eg simple visual indicators Immediate awareness of standard and deviation from standard, correct it before the problem arises
  • The 5 s’s – sort, straighten, shine, standardize, sustain – examples – eg household tasks
  • Flow – the continuous addition of value. When you create flow, problems surface Pull – do something when it’s needed
  • Just in time
  • Pull vs push
  • Gemba – go and see
  • Elimination of waste
  • Heijunka – leveling out the work
  • Hurry up and wait – go slow to go fast (get it right first!)
  • Quality/speed/cost = Golden triangle –  All 3 need to balance
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