Digital Marketing & Communication

Just in Time can help with some or all of the options below and more...


Blogging can be useful in so many ways. Here are a few

  • To help generate new clients
  • To build the credibility of your business allowing you to share your expertise
  • To establish your personal brand
  • To allow customers to connect to something – be it your website, social media or e-Newsletter to feed other information into your site via RSS

BUT! Just imagine what you could achieve with a Blog Assistant!

Social Media Management

As a channel for direct communication between your business and your customer Social Media is invaluable. It allows you to promote your brand and deliver your content online.

There is a wide choice of SM platforms available which can all be used to your advantage. Which platform will work for you is determined by many factors, including the type of business you own,
your target market and which products and services are offered.

Strategic Planning

Maybe you’ve already got big ideas for communicating with your customers, your staff and your business partners.

But do you know how often to communicate, which channels to use or just how the heck to find time to get it all done?

Just In Time can take your plans and convert them into a powerful communication strategy with activities and information flowing throughout the year.

And then implement it!


Lead Generation

We offer practical implementation of your business strategy. While Just in Time looks after the technical aspects, setup and delivery. you’re free to focus on creating great content and value.

  • Develop your business online presence
  • Create programs & membership sites
  • Automation of sales funnels
  • Building an efficient infrastructure to provide a framework for growth


Do you have an unloved LinkedIn profile?

We can bring you, your skills and expertise to the attention of people who are looking for you right now!

9 Reasons to shine on LinkedIn


Get your message heard, connect with your loyal customers, remind them of the services you offer, inform them of new services or attract their attention with a timely offer or discount.
Don’t forget to ask them to recommend you to their friends and family if they’re happy with your service.
The options are endless…

Just In Time can customize frequency of delivery, theme, design, content and images to produce an eNewsletter that reflects your business.

  • Newsletters & Automated Email Sequences

Email lists management

Do you collect email addresses and not use them to their full potential?
Let us manage your email list or customize lists to engage your clients.

Email lists can be used for eNewsletters, special offers or surveys and requests for feedback.



Simple survey tools like SurveyMonkey are very effective in collecting feedback, ideas and information from your customers.

A few examples are – New customer feedback, Satisfaction surveys, Proposals for new or changing services.

Just In Time can create your survey, send it to your list(s) and collate and report back on the results.

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