Our Guarantee at Just in Time

Confidential service

We understand that you work with personal information and have a duty of care to protect that. We in turn will protect your business and the information you share with us.

On time completion

We can’t call ourselves Just in Time if we’re not committed to delivering to your deadline!  An agreed deadline will always be set before commencement of each assignment. Small projects are generally completed within 24-48 hours. For larger projects we will provide regular updates at agreed milestones as work progresses.


We engage in open, transparent two way communication. Just in Time uses email, telephone, SMS, and Skype to communicate with our clients. We will do our best to accommodate any preferred style of communication.


Our aim is to complete all projects and assignments at the highest quality level and to exceed your expectations. We constantly strive to Do it Right, Do it Better and Do it Differently.

Our Guarantee is based on the Virtual Assistant Code of Conduct

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