As a health professional blogging may be way down your list of things to do – but should it be?
Blogs are written by many people for many reasons and the subject matter is incredibly diverse.
But what can a blog offer your clients? And why should you include one on your website?


To establish yourself as an expert and inspire confidence

A blog can be a wonderful tool to help you/your business to establish your/itself as experts in a field or topic. By creating a lot of relevant, topical blog posts about your business or services, you are affirming to people that you are the expert. With a healthy blog full of great information, why wouldn’t you be chosen to help me when I need it?

Connection & Social Media Content Sharing

People love to share information and new ideas with their friends, family and acquaintances. With a wealth of different blog posts available, the odds of somebody stumbling upon your business blog and sharing that content increases dramatically. Your clients are interested in what happens in your business and want to connect with you, a blog provides another avenue to do so.

Keep it fresh & topical

Fresh Content is Good for Google. Google also loves it, as do people.
Some people change their search filter in Google to reflect only posts published within the last week, month, or year. You may also have noticed that Google will automatically show timely search results if it feels the search was looking for something very current.  The more content you schedule and release, the more opportunity you have to catch the attention of Google and your online customer. You could reach people who didn’t realize you existed but desperately need or want  what YOU offer.

Keywords help with landing on Google search engine results pages (SERPs).  More content means more chances to optimize and include keywords that will help people find your business.

Blogging gives you Authority

The more blogging you do, the more activity you generate on your site. As people visit your site and link to it from their sites or share it to friends, family, and strangers, your website gains more authority over the competition overall. That means that all things equal, a search on Google will display results for your site before the competition, that’s huge.

To market or promote something

Be it yourself or your business, products or services. Or just your brand.

Sharing and commenting are encouraged

Blogs by their very nature are designed to be shared and comments are encouraged.  Dynamic websites give businesses the ability to influence where their customers go for information, manage the discussion and quickly respond when the need arises. You may even stumble on a new idea or service.

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