Given the number of effective marketing techniques that have come into prominence over the years, it is quite surprising that an old technique like newsletters remains a popular choice among digital marketers.

According to a 2013 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends study conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, over 78% of respondents used newsletters.

In truth, (e)newsletters are unique. Their uniqueness isn’t necessarily because there are no better options; rather, it lies in the benefits that small businesses get when they use newsletters. This remains unmatched by most of the other options available.

1. A vehicle for specific marketing:

If done right, newsletters can be a capable tool for achieving specific marketing goals, whether this is

  • to raise awareness about a brand,
  • demonstrate particular expertise, or
  • promote certain products.

For instance, combining your promotions with a direct mail newsletter campaign will raise your response rates by 118%, according to a study by

2. Unique ability to send targeted offers and specials:

If you intend to convert more prospects into customers, newsletter marketing is your best bet.

This is because newsletters make it easy to send and follow up targeted offers and specials to people on your leads list. The key is to provide value, build a solid relationship with your prospects, and prove that your offers work

3. Inspire customer loyalty:

Newsletters, done right, are among the most effective ways to inspire customer loyalty.

With newsletters, you’re able to open up, share what is going up with your brand, and hone an interest in topics that may be vital in your customers’ lives.

This is a crucial way to build everlasting buyer-seller relationships beyond the “on-the-surface” relationships most other marketing techniques offer.

4. Cheaper than most alternatives

With newsletter marketing, you can achieve more with less. Other marketing techniques like Facebook Ads, Google words, and influencer marketing are generally costlier than newsletters.

Depending on your choice of provider, undertaking a newsletter campaign may even be free.

5. Complete control

Newsletters give you complete control over you’re your marketing campaign. You can easily tweak your newsletters to align with your brand goals, choice of content, delivery method, and even type of recipients.

This way, you can send targeted messages to different categories of recipients.

When used effectively, newsletters can be one of the best marketing techniques for driving business goals. The key to this is to proactively acquire ideal subscribers, formulate the right designs, and send high-quality, engaging content at the right time.

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