Triple S for Success

Our Premier plan for YOUR business success!! Systemise, Streamline and Simplify.
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Do you imagine a life where – you decide how you spend your time?
You have freedom in your daily schedule?
Your business is growing steadily and with structure?
Time is our most precious, finite and limited resource – how you are spending yours?

We have developed Triple S to allow you to achieve all these things and more! Throughout the process we’ll consider how you can :

Productive from unproductive
  • Stop being busy doing the wrong things
  • Stop doing too much
  • Stop over-handling
  • Start delegating
  • Increase your productive hours
  • Increased productivity during work time can leave you with true leisure time to recharge

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Definitions – what are we talking about?

Basically organising your business from grass roots – looking for opportunities to automate, to delegate, and to reduce waste.

System = “A set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network: a complex whole” OR “A set of principles or procedures according to which something is done; an organized scheme or method”

Process = “A series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.” These linked together make up systems…

Task = “A job or chore, often assigned”


Triple S is based on LEAN business principles and current best practice.
Learn more about LEAN


Why do the work?

Whether you’re starting a business or looking to improve what you are currently doing in your existing business Triple S will provide you with a framework to

  • make decisions
  • keep track of your progress with SMART measures
  • move towards your desired goal

Which Systems to Organise?

Most service businesses have common systems which we can identify, break down and create efficiencies in.

These include things like

  • communication
  • lead generation
  • scheduling and more

Overcoming Roadblocks

Not knowing these things stops people from putting Processes and Systems in place.

  • how to go about it
  • what will help most
  • what systems my business should have
  • how and what to delegate
  • what to measure in the system i.e. the “checks and balances”
  • how to go about identifying processes that aren’t working and then changing them

Decision Making

We’ll be asking (and answering) lots of questions throughout this process. Questions like

? Your goals for the system
? Your Identify desired gains for your business
? How to Implement
? What is required (process, roles and responsibilities)?
? “WWW – Who is doing What by When”
? Which measures will you use to determine it’s success?
? How will you Continue to Improve?


Specific  |  Measurable  |  Attainable  |  Relevant  |  Timely (time-bound)

Allow you to

  • Stop investing time & effort if something isn’t working
  • Increase investment of time & effort if something is working
  • Choose what to focus when you have a lot of projects and limited time
  • Decide to say “yes” to a great new opportunity
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