There has never been a better time in human history to build a business than right now – but that means you are going to be going up against some pretty stiff competition (and not just from Main Street like you used to in the past).

The web has completely changed the rules of the game when it comes to building and growing businesses today. Now, anyone with a laptop, an active Internet connection, and a small start up budget can build a global business from the ground up and be selling people products and services before dinner their first day!

You are going to be up against competitors that you’ll never meet, with more competitors entering the market on a daily basis. This is a real fight for every sale, for every customer, and for your financial future. Time to roll up your sleeves….

Set goals and track them

Setting key performance indicators (KPIs) when you set your objectives and goals is vital. Not only to allow you to measure and track your progress, but also so you can reward yourself for doing so! Learning that you’re hitting your target KPIs gives your the extra motivation you need – as well as a little bit of celebration before it’s back to work!

The only things that get improved are the things that get measured.

It is absolutely impossible to know whether or not you are creating a smashing success in business or a spectacular failure without measuring a number of key performance indicators – including traffic generation, prospecting versus customer conversion rate, total sales, net profit, and lifetime customer value (just to name a few). These will vary business to business and year to year.

Get serious about setting key performance indicators up in your business right now so that you can measure your progress every step of the way. Armed with this inside information you will be able to make the right choices, the right moves, and the right decisions to improve your success and speed up your path to financial freedom.

Celebrate along the way!

Business is tough and the stakes are high. But remember, no one can do it all in one day. Set big goals but remember to break them down into manageable pieces to allow you to gradually build.

Set your performance indicators and remember to actually measure these regularly. If you need to make adjustments, do this before you’re too far down any given track, saving yourself time in the long run and keeping your business responsive and flexible.

Make the decision on how to celebrate when you set your goals and milestones. This builds in motivation and keeps you focused. Have a couple of mini celebrations along the way to your big goals and you’ll always feel like you are making progress and just a few steps away from that next big breakthrough.

Don’t wait to celebrate! You’ve earned it.

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