This is the perception – Discipline is stringent. It is shackling. It calls for a regimental or rigid approach. When something is regimental, rigid or stringent, we rarely associate it with freedom. After all, isn’t freedom is all about flexibility and the luxury to do anything at any time? Let us explore how and why business discipline can lead to freedom in your life.

Business discipline equals your life freedom

Planning, Scheduling and Time-Management

Discipline requires planning.

All of us can benefit from investing in time-management. One way to do that is scheduling. Efficient scheduling will make for a efficient and effective routine. Don’t pack it too full! And remember to add those other things other than work which deserve your time like exercise, family commitments etc. Account for breaks and plan to have a busy but more importantly productive day.

Without scheduling, it’s tempting to move meetings up, cancel a few and avoid some tasks. These “cheats” won’t lead to optimum results. Your commitments need to be met and, without adequate planning, you will use more time and hence lose freedom in the process.

With effective scheduling, you can get the tasks done, well in time and then free up the rest of your day or evening – for life, not work!


Let us take a few simple examples of everyday life and how they affect time-management.

You may have a habit of checking emails every few minutes or whenever you receive a notifications. You may be distracted by social media. You may be tempted to check news or what is trending.

Even if they are associated with your profession, such digressions lead to time wasting. We’ve all disappeared down that black hole, only to emerge minutes if not hours later, blinking and wondering what we were doing before we vanished!

Distractions create procrastination and stop us from prioritizing the task at hand. Instead – have dedicated times to check emails, social media updates and trends, news or anything else that interests you. This will help you to pace up and finish the tasks that are important.

Instead of giving in to distraction, focus on building your positive daily habits.

Goal Setting

Discipline is not just about planning, scheduling and time-management. It is also about goal-setting.

When you have lucid objectives, you know what to prioritize and you will remain focused. Everyday can be chaotic if you try to engage with everything that is happening around you. Focus, stick to your priorities and pursue the goals as set by you! This will help you to achieve your goals, in a calm manner and your outcomes will have for reaching impact.

Simply put – use your work time well and effectively. Stop when you plan to stop for the day and then get on with the important business of living!

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