Where Should You Share your Blog? – Over the past months we’ve written a lot about blogging and creating content for your website – why you should do it, how to do it, how to get the most out of it and more.

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This blog is all about where to share your blog or piece of content once it’s written. We’ve covered lots of this already so let’s round it up….

Social Media Platforms

(where your target audience hangs out)

Aim to schedule 50 social media updates across your platforms.
Remember – spread your posts out over time to get maximum engagement with your audience.
Don’t forget to add updates about your post in groups that you’re active in. You may be able to respond to a comment in a group and mention your article if it’s relevant to the conversation.
Keep it visual by adding images or videos to your posts.


Ask your colleagues, peers or business network to share (make sure to reciprocate with others)

2.0 Sites

Summarise article/s and post on Tier 2 sites and link back to article.

  1. Reddit
  2. Squiddoo
  3. Rebelmouse
  4. WordPress.com
  5. Blogger.com

Q&A Pro Sites

  1. www.proup.com.au (list yourself as an expert)
  2.  www.quora.com (answer some relevant questions)
  3.  www.ezinearticles.com (post an article that links back to a page on your website, set up your profile)
  4.  www.scoop.it (start your own content curated news)
  5.  www.list.ly (start your own list)

Repurposing Opportunities

  1. Blog – LinkedIn
  2. Video – YouTube
  3. Press Release – PR Wire
  4. Slides – Slideshare
  5. Guest Blog – Can this article be converted to be suitable as a guest blog in another site?

Paid Advertising

As part of an advertising campaign you may use a blog or similar as a landing page with a strong call to action. Alternatively – you may create a video that represents this content and can also be used in advertising.

  1. Facebook
  2. LinkedIn
  3. GoogleAds

So, time to get creating, writing and adding lots of value to your website.

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