Recently I wrote about the importance of  trust in Trust in Business – the basis. Today, I’d like to follow it up with improving your core – and no, I’m not talking about Pilates (although that’s great too!)

In exactly the same way as you can ‫improve your physical and mental health you can also build your credibility by working on the 4 cores

Improve your Integrity

1. Make and keep commitments to yourself.

Treat commitments to yourself as you would treat commitments to other important people in your life. After all if you can’t rely on yourself – who else will?

2. Stand for something

Write a mission statement or personal credo – an expression of what you stand for.  Then live by it.
Print it our and hang it somewhere you’ll see it every day, read it out loud and make it reality.

3. Be open

Exercise humility. Challenge the way you see the world – Are your own viewpoints accurate and complete? What did you base them on? Do you seriously consider other viewpoints? Or give them only lip service?

Improve your intent

1. Examine your motives

No behaviour is without reason. Ask yourself the “5 whys” to get down to the nitty gritty.  Once you get close to your real intent, ask yourself : Am I motivated only be self-interest, or by the interests of all?

2. Choose abundance

Ask yourself : Do I believe there are enough rewards, credit, recognition, and benefits for everyone’s interests to be served?

3. Declare your intent

Choose the intent that will serve everyone best, including yourself. State it, signal it, clarify it, and discuss it – especially when your intent is unclear.

Joshua Becker recently said this

The quickest and most effective first step to make dreams come true is to share them aloud.

Build your capabilities

1. Run with your strengths

Feed your strengths. What are they? Where are your natural talents? What can you do best? Starve your weaknesses by teaming with others who are strong where you are weak.

2. Keep yourself relevant

Match your strengths to opportunities. Ask yourself where can you make a unique, high-value contribution?

3. Know where you’re going

Understand your unique point of difference and keep the vision of it before you from now on.

Improve your results

1. Take responsibility for results

Adopt a “results mind-set” rather then an “activity mindset”.
Ask yourself – What will I’m doing now lead to the results I want, or am I just staying busy?

2. Expect to win!

Openly express confidence in yourself and others. Clearly define what winning consists of. Create an emotional climate of high expectations.

3. Finish strong

Drop out of the “culture of quitting” and the “victim mentality”. Stay strong at the end when everything’s on the line.

Rome wasn’t built in a day so don’t expect to build your credibility overnight.
If you have specific goals it may help to break them down into bite sized chunks. Make a 90 day plan, take it day by day. Keep it visual and make it live in your life – good luck!

Again, thanks and source credits to Stephen Covey ” The Speed of Trust” & Franklin Covey.

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