Are you looking for ways to increase the conversion rates on your sales funnel?

As a marketer, nothing can be more pleasing than having a database full of warm sales leads. However, as simple as it is to sell using a sales funnel, it can be sometimes tricky to get the desired results if it isn’t correctly configured for lead conversions.

In this article, we will walk you through the top 6 conversion hacks for your sales funnel:

1. Product Fragmenting

Product fragmentation is the process of breaking down a larger and more comprehensive product into smaller pieces to offer for sale individually. One of the reasons why many sales funnels do not convert is that too much is being offered at one time. In addition to this, core product offers are sometimes priced too high, making the barrier too high for visitors to convert to customers.

By fragmenting your product, you’ll be able to lead your visitors towards your premium offers through a set of baby steps. Typically, this involves taking a piece away and packaging it on its own at a much lower price. The aim is to create a lower and inexpensive barrier for visitors to your website. However, to get the best out of this trick, you should either offer the first piece of your larger product to the new customers or offer your absolute best part as a standalone product to them.

2. Self-funded Ads

This involves the use of your features and tripwires to generate traffic to your Core Offer.

The tripwire and features are sold at a low fee which covers the cost of your advertising. However for these self-funded ads to increase the conversion rates on your sales funnel, there is a need for you to have ads dedicated to engaging customers at each stage of the funnel.

You must also consider your customers’ positions in the sales funnel. The first part of your ads should up target finding and attracting visitors to the sales funnel. The second part should be aimed at converting interested prospects and transforming them into customers. The last part of your self-funded ads should be dedicated to re-engaging existing customers so that they come back to your brand for future purchases.

3. Ultra-specific Lead Magnets

To increase the conversion rates of your sales funnel, you need to ensure that you let your audience know what they are going to get by creating an ultra-specific lead magnet. Be clear about the benefits visitors to your website are going to get by opting in for your free content.

Your Lead Magnets don’t have to be lengthy, complex or time-intensive to create. Let it be directed towards a specific target market.

For instance, if you a running a weight-loss program, your lead magnet should look like this:

“Free Video Reveals How to Lose 10 Pounds in 7 Days Without Staving or Killing Yourself at the Gym.’

                                    And not…

7-Day Weight Loss Program.?”

4. Two-step Opt-ins

A two-step opt-in is a new opt-in method that asks your prospects to click on a link or button before they see your opt-in box to opt-in to your list. The logic behind this is that saying yes to small request (i.e., clicking the link that invites to subscribe or download) predisposes the reader to say yes to a bigger request (i.e., to subscribe).

Thus with a two-step opt-in, visitors to your website are much more likely to fill in the opt-in form since they have begun an action by clicking the link or button and would want to complete the action. This is known as the “foot-in-the-door tactic” in persuasion psychology.

With services like LeadPages, Sumome, and Optimize Press, you do not need to rush out and buy anything to use a two-step opt-in process

5. Lead with Proof

In the middle of the consideration phrase, your leads go from wondering about “which of the products is right” to “which of the products is right for me.”

As a digital marketer, the solution here is to use social proof that validates your success in a specific situation. This could involve using a plain statement for customers that have relatively simple needs, ordinary testimonials and reviews or things like whitepapers, case studies, and other thought leadership contents that spark real buy-in for sophisticated and high-budget buyers.

6. Instant Upsells

Upsells means offering customers the expensive or advanced version of the product they are about to purchase. This results in higher regular order totals, exposure to higher margin product/service and increase in revenue for your business.

It also boosts your customers’ satisfaction as you would be helping them find products or services suited to their interests. However, to get the best result out of your upsells, it is essential that you display reveal to your customers how much money they can save when making the purchase. You could also offer free delivery to make your upsell package much more “eye-catching.”

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