The most important thing you need to understand in business has absolutely nothing to do with product or service creation, zero to do with accounting or cash flow management, and most definitely isn’t anything to do with legal issues or regulations.

No, the most important thing you need to understand when you are in business is YOUR ideal customer, YOUR ideal client, and YOUR ideal market – and absolutely everything (and we mean EVERYTHING) that makes them tick.

How does creating a Client Avatar help you?

By understanding who your perfect prospect is, you begin to understand exactly

  • where to find people like that in large numbers
  • how to create products and services that they are begging for
  • And, how to build a business from the ground up that they will be loyal to and recommend to friends and family.

Almost unfair advantages that you will have over your competitors who don’t have your specific focus.

Figuring out these ideal “buyer personas” can be challenging. You need to know how to create client avatars correctly with an understanding and anticipation of the factors that go into buying decisions from your market.

Ideally, your content marketing should be crafted to benefit one audience at a time. To do this, you will need to identify your primary personas or avatars and ask some key questions to uncover the Unique Value Proposition (UVP) you can provide through your content.

Interviews and Research

To discover and create your avatars, conduct interviews with current clients, potential clients and buyers, and members of your teams.

You can also send out surveys and do your own research. Focus on addressing points like these

  • Demographic Information
  • Goals and Values
  • Sources of Information
  • Challenges and Pain Points
  • Objections and Role In Purchase Process

Spy on the Competition…..

Look at existing advertising and marketing from successful competitors or leaders in your market.

A simple way to better understand your market (especially if you are brand-new) is to simply look at the advertising and marketing pieces that your successful competitors are using. If your competitors are cleaning up, it’s likely that they are using client avatar information to focus on reaching those people in particular.

Use your buyers perspective

Always, always consider your business from your customers perspective when they are looking to buy products or services from you.

Too often, otherwise smart business owners and marketers build businesses, advertising and marketing funnels, and products that have more to do with what they believe the market wants rather than what their customers are actually demanding.

Start to look closely at the sites that your ideal customers visit, the magazines that they subscribe to, the activities that they enjoy, and the way that they identify themselves to others.

This is the first step along the journey but a vital one which will yield long term success to your marketing efforts.

Next time – Identifying your business goals and objectives…

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