Nurture Leads into Customers for a Healthy Business

Your Website is your calling card – your window to the world. Use it to reflect your business and show it in the best light possible. Talk about not only your products and services and the value and benefits you can bring but also your business mission statement, values and goals. To get the best from your website and drive traffic towards it, you should have already

If your website is starting to see some traffic then it’s time to use that to generate new business. If people are visiting your site and leaving without taking action – opportunities are being wasted. It’s time for your next activity – focus on lead conversion.

Call-To-Action – Step by Step

For Website Conversions the first step is to come up with an attractive offer, create a call-to-action, promote the offer and create a landing page with a form for visitors to provide their information in exchange for that offer. Don’t forget you will need to measure your success as you go and adjust as needed.

Here’s a great read on Inbound Methodology.

1. Create your Content Offer

This is very important. It can be an ebook, template, checklist, tool, or information resource. The offer must be attractive to your target audience and hopefully you’re getting to know them better and better throughout this journey. It’s a straight exchange – your information for their email address. Give your website visitors a reason to fill out the form used to collect their information. To improve your understanding of your ideal customer’s motivation you may find it useful to build up buyer personas of your clients. A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer. This is based on actual customer data.

2. Create your Call-To-Action (CTA)

Create a few compelling calls-to-action (CTAs).  These are everywhere and are the key trigger behind lead generation. Take a look on website pages, in emails and blog posts, within content offers, and more. This CTA links to a landing page where they are given information on the offer and asked for their contact information – generally email address. This exchange of information converts into a lead with whom you can now follow up! It’s best practice to have several automated responses with more information ready to be sent to your new leads to allow them to learn more about your business and offerings.

3. Create your Landing Pages

These pages are where your visitors will land when they click your CTA and where they will fill out the form to download your offer. Once they fill in their information make sure that they are directed to a thank-you page where they can access the offer. Alternatively you may still send them to a Thank you page but deliver the download in an automated email.

Test, Measure and Adjust

This method of website conversions – Content offers, CTA and landing pages are at the heart of the conversion process but it also requires measuring and adjustment.  A single pathway offers little insight into the performance of your lead conversion. You will need to measure your success and experiment to achieve best results. Some marketing metrics you should watch closely include the click-through rate of your call-to-action, the conversion rate of your landing page, and the number of new leads and sales an offer resulted in.

In order to determine which elements best help you achieve your goals, test different CTAs, landing pages, and offers. If a call-to-action has been on your home page for a month, change the message or use entirely new CTA, and after another month, measure which one performed best. If landing page conversions are low, make a change to the page layout and measure the results. Don’t be afraid to test different variations; you can always switch back if the old version worked better. It will be worth it when you’ve found the best combination that increases your site’s conversions.

If your landing page conversions are low, change the page layout, even colours used and measure the results. Don’t be afraid to test different variations; you can always change back if the old version worked better.

The aim is to find the best combination that increases your site’s conversions.

More next time! Topic will be Nuturing Leads to Customers.

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