Generating leads is one thing. Converting your leads into regular customers is another thing entirely.

While there are several ways you can get leads, the truth is the majority of those leads won’t automatically convert into sales by merely entering your conversion funnel.

Thus, there’s a need for you to continually make use of strategies to turn more website leads to paying customers. This is important because the success or failure of your business depends on the number of sales you can generate from your leads.

Email Marketing

One of the methods most marketers use to increase the number of leads that convert to customers is email marketing. This basically involves the use of email to promote products or services to potential buyers.
While this method is known to be highly efficient, it can sometimes get ineffective if not done the right way. You can have a long mailing list and still struggle to make sales.

For instance, if, after sending your list a broadcast email several times about your products/services, they fail to act by buying it, you need to refresh your marketing tactics to change the tide.

Fragmenting Your Core Offer

One way to do this is by fragmenting your core offer. This means segmenting it into pieces and selling the pieces à la carte. You could segment a portion of your core offer to use as your feature or tripwire.

You can then segment a part of your tripwire to use as a lead magnet. By so doing, you will have multiple tripwires and lead magnets for the same core offer.

The idea behind this is that if a lead can take either of the tripwires or lead magnet then they are more likely to buy the core product.

Here’s how it works.

For instance, let’s say you offer website design as your core offer with a basic price of $50. From this one core product, you can pluck out several smaller products.

You could offer graphic design as your feature or tripwire and sell for $15.

You can also splinter off logo design from the graphics design and offer as your lead magnet for just $5.

You could continue to splinter off other smaller services from the core products.

In Summary

By fragmenting your core offer, you’re able to keep your marketing tactics fresh and sell the same product using different lead magnets and tripwires which lead to the same core offer. This also ensures that only buyers that are interested in your core offer get to see it.

Overall, your opportunities will multiply, and you will be able to convert more leads to regular customers.

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