Getting numerous visitors to your website is fantastic, but it’s useless if the visitors don’t convert to customers.

To generate new leads efficiently, you need a lead magnet.

With a lead magnet, you basically offer people something for free in exchange for their email addresses and, the permission to continue to send them more offers.

In essence, a lead magnet acts as a catalyst for converting web visitors into loyal customers.

While the lure of a free offer can be incredibly powerful, creating a lead magnet that doesn’t resonate with your customer can be disastrous – you waste your time, probably spend money, and get a poor result.

As such, you need to ensure your lead magnet effectively resonates with your customers.

Here are a few questions your lead magnet needs to answer to ensure it achieves your desired goals:

1. Does your audience care about it?

If your lead magnet doesn’t fly off the shelf when it appears to live, then it probably doesn’t resonate with your audience.

This comes down to knowing your audience and their needs.

Start by looking for what potential visitors to your website are already paying for. While that may sound counterintuitive given that lead magnets are free, knowing what your audience is willing to part their hard-earned cash for can give you a clue about your ideal lead magnet.

For instance, if you’re interested in creating a lead magnet, let’s say in the cooking niche, you can simply head to the Kindle Marketplace and see what’s already working well with users interested in cooking.

2. Is there value to it?

Once you come up with what your audience cares about, you need to ensure you offer them something that will add value to them in a unique way. So you need to create unique content that interests your audience.

Consider an offer that is not only specific and relevant but can also make an immediate or long-term impact.

For instance, a checklist or cheat sheet can give an immediate value by offering something people can put to use right now. Alternatively, a longer multi-part course or detailed ebook can offer people long-term value that they will reference both now and in the future. 

3. Is the offer of good quality?

Poorly organized and presented content detracts a lead from the offer.

Consider what happens if you submit your email simply to receive a downloaded guide filled with low-quality images and multiple typos. Unsubscribe? That is mostly what your audience will do if you send them a low-grade offer in exchange for their emails.

Your primary goal should be to get your users to move from the free offer and eventually make a purchase. And to achieve that, make sure you give attention to every detail on what you’re offering to them. Something pretty and engaging, not some random boring rundown filled with typos.  

Final Thoughts

Lead magnets are among the most effective ways to generate leads, gather insights, and even begin the process of an ultimate conversion. The good news is that they aren’t difficult to create. You just need to put proper efforts into understanding what your audience is really looking for. Then all you’ve to do is to offer them exactly what they want.

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