One of the toughest aspects about writing and sending out an eNewsletter is actually getting people to open it and read it. We are so accustomed to deleting emails that do not look urgent that we often delete messages that contain information that we need.

So how do you get that newsletter opened and read? Read on for some helpful tips…

Take The Reader’s Perspective

While the message included in your newsletter may be very important to you, it is crucial that you look at the situation from the reader’s perspective and provide them with a compelling reason to open the email. The average person receives dozens of emails each day, so appealing to them directly will go a long way towards ensuring that they read your correspondence.

Eye Catching Subject Line

Sending an email with a vanilla subject line or no subject line at all is a fast way to ensure that the mail is deleted upon arrival. Be creative and try to come up with a subject line that piques the reader’s curiosity and makes it impossible for them not to open your e-newsletter. The subject line you choose should also be short and to the point. If it is longer than 50 characters, you significantly decrease your chances of having your e-newsletter opened by the recipient.

Divide Your eNewsletter Sending List

No matter how interesting or useful the content in your e-newsletter is, there are going to be people on your list who have zero interest in reading it. That’s why dividing your sending list is pivotal. This allows the sender to pick and choose the people that they think their message will appeal to and allow traffic to flow in the right direction.

Don’t Mislead The Reader

If you are dishonest with the reader about the contents of the email, not only will they refuse to read it, but it damages your chances of being able to send them any future e-newsletters. Chances are, the recipient signed up to receive your email out of genuine interest, so do not betray that interest with a disingenuous subject line.

Leave Out Unnecessary Punctuation

News flash: adding twenty exclamation points and an absurd amount of capitalization will not help your e-newsletter get read. As a matter of fact, it is more likely to turn off the reader instead. You also increase the chances of alerting the spam filter, which will keep your email from ever reaching the inbox.

Tell It, Don’t Sell It

Look over your e-mail before sending. Is it filled with engaging content that will boost traffic, or are you trying to sell something? If a person detects that you are trying to pitch to them, your e-newsletter gets deleted quickly, so watch out for certain words that can trigger that sort of reaction.

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