Not everyone is gifted enough to balance being both Clark Kent and Superman. It’s a tough job!

One of the hardest things many of us try is to balance work and life but this doesn’t mean you can’t master it.

One important thing is setting your priorities which can make it far easier to create balance but there are other ways to create work-life balance.

1. Timing

Scheduling is key. The absence of a schedule is likely to make your life and work tasks collide with one another.
Think of it as making appointments for all of your daily life and tasks.

Then follow through and do your tasks at the time set.

2. Define your Working Hours

If you’ve been wondering what time you will start and finish work, then you need to define your work hours. If you want to work for 8 hours, then work for 8 hours. Working overtime disrupts your planned schedule and can also affect your health.

If you decide to work at a stretch or work with few breaks in the middle, it’s your choice to make, but if this happens try and balance the week with some time off when things slow down.

3. Always Take Breaks

Just as you need to work to meet your daily needs, you also need to rest, eat and take breaks.

No matter how long your work hours are, you should always define your breaks. Ensure you eat when you’re supposed to and don’t skip meals – this will allow you the energy to achieve all that want to every day.

On the flipside – keep your break reasonable – long breaks can make it difficult to get back into a good workflow.

4. Stay on Track

If you’re the type that gets distracted easily, or always does something else while working

  •  Learn to say No. If you need to get work done, you should learn to say no distractions. The more you say No, you’re likely to get your work faster.
  •  Do not procrastinate. Focus when you’re supposed to and do not postpone.

Final Thoughts

Life is busy and can be stressful. Create a positive work-life balance by taking control of your working days by scheduling your activities, sticking to set working hours, taking breaks to rest and recharge and staying on track.

Set yourself up for success and enjoy the rewards!

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