Why duplicating yourself in your business would be a bad idea.

Have you ever imagined how much easier your life would be if there was another you?
A perfect duplicate to manage and grow alongside you.
Double your time and expertise.
Finally, your business would run smoothly!

But the truth is, having another you isn’t what you need.

Instead, hire someone to complement your weaknesses and blind spots.
Someone to fill the gaps in your knowledge, using their alternate expertise to balance your business’s skills.

Is this you?

Perhaps you’re full of ideas but struggle with follow-through and details.

In this case, another you may double the ideas your business produces, but it is unlikely to move the needle on completing your regular administrative and compliance tasks.

Instead, you need someone who is methodical, consistent, and able to work with great attention to detail to balance your creativity.

Alternatively, you may be this type of person yourself. Spending too much time on the regular administrative, task-based, regular jobs that underpin your business, thereby making yourself time-poor to spend on activities that would move the needle on your business’s success.

So – before trying to clone yourself, ask these five questions:

  1. What tasks and projects never get completed?
  2. Which of your weaknesses impedes your progress?
    (A SWOT [Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats] analysis may help find these.)
  3. What causes friction or resistance to your revenue growth?
  4. What skills do you lack that are necessary for certain actions?
    And before you say, “I need to learn copywriting, design, advertising, building, setup…,” ask yourself, “Do I really need to do this?”
    We often believe we must master every aspect of business because we’re capable and budgets may be tight. However, this limits scalability, ultimately leading to less revenue, profit, and financial security in the future.
  5. Which personal attributes impact your business growth negatively?

Building your team

When looking for assistance in your business, think of the outcomes you wish to achieve and the attributes of the person or people best able to help you achieve them.

Doing everything alone gets exhausting quickly, and a well-rounded team will propel your business forward.

That’s a lot to think about.
I’d love to hear what resonated with you and how you plan to build your dream team.

Want to work with us?

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