Is Twitter your social media of choice? It’s a powerful tool for those who can unlock it’s potential. Here are some Twitter features from Hubspot which can help you leverage Twitter for your business success.

Find out who’s unfollowed you

Using, you can actually find out who’s unfollowed your Twitter account.

WHY? – This is useful for brands working on building their Twitter presence and testing different approaches with voice, posting time, etc. If you find a lot of important and relevant people are unfollowing you (for example influencers in your industry), you need to change something in your Twitter strategy.

Mute users to stop seeing their tweets without having to unfollow them

Once you’vMute tweete learned who’s unfollowed you, you can remove certain users’ tweets from your Twitter feed without having to unfollow them. This is achieved by “muting” their account.

WHY? – This can help your feed become more manageable without hurting anyone’s feelings.

To “mute” someone’s account: Simply go to their Twitter profile and click the gear icon next to the “Following” button, and choose “Mute” from the dropdown menu.

Analyze with Tweet Activity Dashboard for free

Almost everyone with a Twitter account now has free access to data about their timeline activity and followers with Twitter Analytics. The dashboard gives you data on impressions, engagement, link clicks, retweets, favorites, and replies. You can even export this data into an Excel file.

WHY? – You can sort and analyze which tweets are your best performers. If you are trying to expand your reach on Twitter, there are lessons to learn from your most retweeted tweets. What should you do again? What didn’t work?
To increase the engagement of your tweets, analyze which tweets generated the most replies and gain insight from the content of those tweets. More data leads to better insights, that leads to smarter, more effective marketing.

Research and analyze a hashtag.

Using a hashtag research tools like and Twazzup let you research Twitter hashtags and their relationships, including which top influencers are using it. You can even simply use Twitter’s search tool on to find the latest tweets and top tweets for a specific hashtag, as well as which of the people you follow are using it.

More about hashtags.

WHY? – Social media managers use tools like these when choosing a hashtag for an upcoming event. This improves your chances of connecting with the most appropriate market for your business.

Tag people in Twitter photos

You can tag your photos on Twitter — and it doesn’t count against your 140 characters. Once you’ve uploaded a photo to your tweet, click “Who’s in this photo?” and tag up to 10 people.

Create a Twitter photo collage

Trying to choose between two, three, or even four photos to tweet? Turns out you don’t really have to — you can include up to four individual photos in one tweet that automatically create a collage. This feature is available for both desktop and mobile, and it only involves a few, simple steps. Read this blog post to learn how to create Twitter photo collages.Or, try PicCollage.

See all the tweets you’ve Liked

On your own Twitter page, you can see all the tweets you’ve ever Liked. (Everyone else can see these tweets, too.)

WHY? – You can use this as a bookmarking tool, or as a place to look back on tweets you’ve liked in the past.

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