The business world is populated by many different brands, offering services and selling products of all kinds; so much so that it’s as though there’s nothing new anymore. It seems like a monopoly market with hardly any company or organization into something another company isn’t. Bottom line – the business world is tough and businesses are forced to frequently restrategize to beat their competitors.

In this world of business, no matter how few its competitors are, small businesses have to work hard to get their products to be trusted by consumers, especially if their business is online. For example – imagine you saw an advertisement for an app that seemed like it could help you fulfill a task. For most of us, when we search for the app the first thing we check is the reviews on the app – what have people said about it and how efficient it is. If the reviews are 5-star we become more confident to download the app, but if all we see is a terrible review or multiple poor reviews we’re more likely to ignore the app and look for a better one. This is a simple example of the power of customer feedback.

Customer feedback helps companies to know how well their products are doing, what users think of them, and how they can improve. Gathering customer feedback as social proof is a vital strategy to boost business on the internet. When users can see what people are saying about your products, they trust it more and are likely going to patronize your business. This begs the question, How do you gather customer feedback as social proof of the authenticity of your business?

Ways to Gather Customer Feedback

Customer / User Survey

You can publish survey forms for people who have used the products to fill, which will help you realize what they think of your product and how you can improve. These surveys can also be published on your website.


Testimonials are very effective in increasing sales. Testimonials are getting people to write a review on your product that you can publish on your website. It’s always better for prominent and influential people that people can always confirm their identity. If you are a web designer, and you have a testimonial on your website that you created Amazon’s official website, imagine how far it can boost your business.

Social Networks

Using the social network is also an effective way of gathering feedback. Using Instagram Story Poll, Facebook Poll, Chatbots, you can use it to gather feedback as long as the user/consumer is viewing it.

These are effective ways to gather customer feedback that you can use as social proof and boost your business.

Final Thoughts

Business is tough these days and consumers have a lot of choice. Make your business stand out from the crowd by collecting and using customer feedback to your advantage.

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